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Our studio will help your business create the perfect design and marketing solution that keeps your branding consistent

Digital Marketing Services

Brand Strategy & Brand Development

Brand leads product. It's who you are, your identity, mission, and vision.

Website Design / Mobile and Responsive Ready

Award winning websites that unite your brand and your vision.​

SEO, Traffic and Lead Generation

Organic positioning, content marketing, social media, and paid marketing.​

Conversion and Optimization

Traffic to your website is pointless unless they are converting into sales.​

Ecommerce and Payment Integration

Complex E-Commerce sites that helps connect products with customers.​

Graphic Design and Printed Collateral

We can design any marketing material for any digital or physical need: brochures, banners, labels, etc.


Storytelling is the most engaging and effective way to capture an audience's attention. Cut through the noise with a compelling story.

Video production

It shouldn't be a surprise that video is by far the most engaging type of social media content. We'll help you tell your story.

Stay in-the-know with the latest marketing tips and tricks, best practices and lessons about entrepreneurship. and business. Be part of our tribe of entrepreneurs!

Listen to the Marketing & Entrepreneurship podcast

We help brands communicate the right message, to the right people, on the right channel through strategy, design, and marketing.


JLLB Media services at LEDC | Latino Economic Development Center

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Full-marketing services provided including strategy, consulting, and implementation

Case study from our marketing agency

Branding, Graphic Design, and website

We developed all the branding and assets for the Vamos! Scholarship program a non-profit. Contact us for help with clarifying your brand messaging, value proposition. We offer full branding packages for all size businesses.

Case study from our marketing agency

Branding & Ecommerce website

Integrated solution WordPress, and Square enabling them to manage their inventory in real-time and an integrated POS solution.

El Huarache Restaurant - Digital Menu Redesign

Digital Menus and Printed Menus

Design services for digital devices and printed collateral.

Story telling for your business or nonprofit organization.

Story Telling for Profit and Nonprofit Organizations

We produce the storyline, recording, and post-production.

Mackenthun's Beef Stampede 2018 - Video

Video Production & Event Support

Pre-production, recording, and post-production. B-roll capture and video-editing.

Enewsletter Campaigns and metrics for Bienvenidos Homedaycare

Email Campaigns, Analytics & Website

Email management and lead generation.


Latino Economic Development Center
Latino Economic Development Center
Hayley Crabb - Development & Communications
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“JLLB Media Marketing helped us execute our promotional campaign for our relaunched Taco Tour on Lake Street – and in a very, very short timeframe!

Juan worked on every detail – from drafting content, to capturing videos, to crafting strategy to encourage people to attend and support our small business clients on Lake Street.

He worked quickly, diligently, and creatively to build awareness about this community event. He was extremely enthusiastic about this event and our mission, and it’s evident in his work. He is also receptive to feedback and always looking to have a greater impact in his work.”
Mackenthun's Fine Foods
Mackenthun's Fine Foods
Jessa Theis - Owner
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"Juan’s strategic planning helped -him successfully manage traditional and digital marketing across our three companies.

Some of his skills, which I believe would benefit your company, include marketing planning, website support & maintenance, social media management & monitoring, Graphic Design, paid advertising campaigns, event marketing and support.

Juan has worked on many projects and has successfully completed them all with his caliber, experience and knowledge. I highly recommend JLLB Media Marketing Agency for all your marketing needs.
District 112 Foundation
District 112 Foundation
Carver County, MN
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"Juan exudes enthusiasm and passion for supporting nonprofits and local communities that carries over into his work.

His efforts have allowed the Vamos! program to grow every year, impacting more students annually, despite the obstacles that the pandemic has posed.

We consider it a privilege to partner with Juan and appreciate the symbiotic relationship we have cultivated with him."​


1. Discovery Meeting: We start by understanding your business. By actively listening and asking questions we uncover the real problems that you need to solve and overcome to achieve your business goals.
2. Marketing Strategy: By having a clear understanding of the challenges, your competition, and the current market conditions we elaborate a marketing strategy. Shaped by your business strategy, your marketing strategy is your purpose; it’s the offering you deliver, how you will deliver it, and why your marketing efforts will help you achieve your company’s mission and strategic goals. While many people think about jumping into action when it comes to marketing, having a clearly defined marketing strategy is incredibly important for your business growth. Once you have your strategy, only then will you be able to develop an effective marketing plan.
3. Marketing Plan: Driven by your strategy, your marketing plan is the execution; the roadmap of tactical marketing efforts that help you achieve your marketing goals. Your plan is your detailed campaign of what you will do, where you will do it, when you will implement it, and how you will track success.
4. Execution & Evaluation By analyzing insights and analytics, we will be able to determine which efforts are producing results, which ones need to be adjusted, and which ones are not contributing to the overall goals. A report with recommended actions can be produced to make the necessary adjustments and constantly evaluate the results.

1. We start off with a kick-off strategy session: Our goal with your team will be to identify your brand and what it wants to communicate as a business:
Vision, Action, Expression, and Experience.
Then we move to elaborate together your “Onlyness statement” or what makes you different than everyone else.
After that, we’ll move into creating a mood board to gather all your ideas, feelings, and emotions you want to reflect on the brand.
2. Presentation and brainstorming: during this second session, we will present an analysis and recap of what we learned during the first session. In addition, we will go down another level to respond to questions from your business like what are we? your authenticity? establish the big idea, narrative and business story, and value proposition.
3. Feedback and approval:  We’ll take your feedback, polish the ideas and designs, and head over to the revisions needed to your complete satisfaction.
Upon approval of the creative concept, we will proceed to finalize all the digital collections you will need to keep a solid brand strategy and will have the brand guides to build the foundation of any other branding assets for your business.

1. Clear and Effective Communication: At our marketing agency communication is key to the success of any project. Therefore, we invest the time needed to understand your needs and prepare to serve you at the highest level.
In conclusion, we aim to provide clear communication all the way, so you know where we are during the project at any given time.
2. Onboarding: Here we lay the foundation for the rest of the project learning about your goals as a business, and the goals for your clients or prospects. In addition, we establish responsibilities and present the system to best collaborate during the project.
3. Research / Low Fidelity Design: During this stage, we work on the details and move from the 10,000 ft view to the ins and outs.
Next, we will work together to create sketches that will allow us to continue building solid progress and staying on track with the project goals.
For example, for website design projects we will work on the wireframes and will identify all the important elements on your website.
4. High Fidelity Design / Visual Direction & Design: Probably one of the most fun parts of the project, where we unleash our creativity and give life to the initial concepts.
Above all, your input is valued and required in every stage.
5. Development and Hand Over Once every stage is approved and the project goals are reached we will proceed to go live, set up the hosting, and hand over any digital assets and website.
Finally, a quick video training will be provided to ensure you can independently maintain and update your new site.

1. English to Spanish | Spanish to English Translations: At this time, we are offering English to Spanish or Spanish to English services. Our team manages translation services for marketing, cross-cultural, and commercial industries. For any other needs that are outside our league, we partner with certified translators and interpreters to offer you quality and peace of mind.
2. Culturally Sensitive Translation: The culturally sensitive translation isn’t just words that change between languages — it also includes cultures. Each society on the planet has different sociocultural norms, traditions, and values. Translation therefore not only needs to reflect changes in words but also needs to reflect any cultural differences.
3. Request & Proposal : You initiate this process by providing us with the specifics of the project:
  • The written document, video, or audio files needs to be translated.
  • The time that is needed by.
  • The number of words included.

4. Pricing and approval
During this stage, we will provide you with a quote and will wait on your confirmation of approval. Upon approval, we will need to gather all the materials needed so we can get to work on your project.
5. Development & Delivery: Once the project is finished, we will invoice you and submit the translated material your way!
For established accounts, we offer a billing process to help expedite this process.

1. Video Production:
We offer video services aimed to produce video content that will engage your audience, whether it is for storytelling about your business, interviews, new products or services, an explainer video for your team, or an annual reunion celebrating your achievements.
2. Voice-over:
We offer voice-over services in Spanish or in English with an accent from a Latin American Spanish speaker.
Use our voice to reach out to the multicultural Latino market to promote your services or products, for hiring efforts, training/onboarding, or to celebrate an annual meeting.
Computer generated voice-over in multiple languages. We can produce educational videos, with male or female voices of different ages and tones.
Ask for additional details.