5 recommendations to connect emotionally with your clients.

FIVE (05) recommendations to connect emotionally with your clients.

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Globalization. International trade. Free Trade agreements. We see it in the news everyday. Today more than ever companies can offer similar products or services.

Best of all, business don’t need a physical presence to offer their services or  products as trading is global.

The real question is: how to compete? how to stand from the crowd? How to earn the sale or business?

Many business can offer the same products or similar services a very competitive prices with high quality; this is why we cannot forget nowadays we must create a point of differentiation to survive.

Although, there is not magical recipe we believe an emotional connection needs to be created to grow any business relationships. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight and it needs to grow naturally over time.

This will help develop new business or long lasting business to ensure your business venture thrives; provided that you offer great products or services, unforgettable customer service a memorable experiences at reasonable or competitive prices.


Here are 5 recommendations to connect emotionally with your clients :

1. Humanize your business.

Connect emotionally with your clients. Your web presence will help with the right strategies but human connection is still irreplaceable.

2. Get to know your client.

Interests?  Family? Hobbies? Their preferences, purchasing behavior, even the things they do not like to avoid them.

3. Call them or email them regularly.

Do not call them just when you want to sell something. Stay in touch, be professional but friendly. Let them know you care about them and their business.

4. Be honest.

We always appreciate when somebody sell us something we need because we need it…and how upset we get when find out someone sold us a very expensive product when we only needed some features for a better price. As much as we would like to upgrade every possible sale we must remember the customer relies on our advice for their best decision.

5. Get Involved.

Participate in volunteering events, social gatherings, etc to create a natural connection.

What do you do to connect emotionally with your clients? Let us know what works for you!

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