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AI Beginners Guide: for marketers and business owners

Are you a marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner and still struggling to understand the opportunities that AI can bring to your business and bottom line?

I introduce you to: “What every marketer and small business owner should know to leverage marketing efforts with the assistance of artificial intelligence – AI”.

Hi! My name is Juan Llerena and I am the author of this book. I started writing this book early in 2023 and published it in Amazon in May 2023.

Why did I write it? I understand what it is like to be a business owner, marketer, and entrepreneur. I realized the profound changes and disruption that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created and will continue to bring to businesses large and small.

The question is NOT “will AI take over my job or business?” but instead “am I prepared to take advantage of the opportunities AI offers to benefit my business, career, and remain competitive in the marketplace?

I get it! Not everyone is tech savvy, has time to keep up with the changes, or has the resources (time/money) to stay current.

I wrote this book for the everyday business owner, entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur) and those who are working promoting their products, selling goods or services, in simple terms so you can grasp the concepts of AI and more importantly how it can help you understand better (and target better) your audiences.

I wrote this book with love and passion, and lots of research. This is my contribution to you and I, simply because small businesses are the engine that keep the economy going and help small communities in America (city, rural, or suburban) thriving.

It is my hope you give yourself a chance and get this resource or give it to someone who could benefit from it. At the same time you would be supporting my work, so I can invest more in relevant and useful content for small business owners like us.

Thank you for your support!

Juan Llerena | Author.


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