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Case Study: Apple Store

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Have you ever walked into an Apple Store? Have you had that experience? Well, even if you are not shopping for an electronic probably this is a good time to get to enjoy this fun atmosphere!





I have to admit, retail shopping is not my favorite thing to do, but occasionally I have to spend sometime at the shopping mall. So, when I am there it is a great idea to spend some time browsing the new gadgets and electronic devices at the Apple Store.

Apple Store @ MOA Minnesota
Apple Store @ MOA Minnesota

The time you spend there (if you have not experienced yet) is a fun atmosphere designed to let users (potential buyers) interact with the equipment, ask some questions or just play some games (you will see many kids -teens and adults alike- spending uncountable minutes playing with the coolest apps); whether they purchase on the spot or not it gives prospective customers a relaxed environment without any pressures to make a purchase. It is a process that organically develops from a casual visit to a friendly relationship with the sales specialists who have been trained to HELP customers with any questions they might have.

What can we all learn from this? simply put, develop your business culture from the inside out; where all your employees value each one and every single customer that needs your products or services. A business culture that is focus on customer satisfaction -at the highest standards possible- with a service that is authentic.

Remember, the culture of your business (your brand) has to be develop from the inside out, but also from the top to the bottom of the organization; this is from the Executive Team, Managers and all the way down to the customer service specialists. Trends change, fads come and go, but your core -culture- does not.

A solid business culture, we believe, will show your clients who you are as an organization. This will help you close the gap between consumers and business.

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