Build Great Brands … How to do it.

Build Great Brands. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Build great brands.

What is your favorite brand? You can build great brands too.

You might already have at least three (3) brands that come to mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are great brands or companies (or that they represent great products) but they have had a strategic plan to build their brands and bring them to the next level:

They are relevant brands…and they stick on the the population’s minds.

I have been studying several business case studies in different companies, from different industries; and I found some great business practices they all share in common.

If you are a small business, you are probably thinking you do not have a huge marketing budget to achieve what other companies have; but I have good news for you: the Digital Revolution powered with Social Media gives you a great opportunity to reach the unthinkable.

It will take some work and effort but the end result will be translated in a successful business to thrive and enjoy!

Here are five (5) top business practices I have compiled from my research that will make your brand -build- transcend and create a Great Brand:

1. Great brands are used to build the business internally (from the inside out):

Effective communication, educating and training your team the way you do business = your company culture.
Lead by example and take any opportunity to instill a positive business culture.

2. How can you have a solid Brand foundation, with a minimum viable approach.

Social Media can really help you out. You will need to invest a reasonable amount of resources to see some positive return.

Some companies are hiring an internal Digital Brand Manager or are contracting to have one from a reputable source. It is important to remember, word of mouth is the most effective and cheapest way to promote and create trust with existing customers as well as attracting new faces to your business.

3. Get your Priorities in Order. Build a great brand.

Think that a good viable plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow.

4. What does your brand project to your audience?

  • Clear Mission.
  • Culture: values, fun, quality, brilliant customer service.
  • Define a very best type of customer: give them the attention, convert, engage them, make them loyal.
  • Identify 3 to 5 best differentiation? points? for your business.
  • What do you say and show?;? to attract your clients.

5. Here is a Framework to your way to build a great brand:

  • Great brands commit and remain committed.
  • Focus on leadership, being part of the community, etc.
  • Great brands don’t chase customers.

Follow this 5 steps and you will be on your way to Build Great Brands too!

Consider us to help you with your branding and business needs.


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