Case Study

The Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) committed to support Latino and BIPOC business

Taco Tour on Lake Street event: Juan Llerena JLLB Media Founder and President and US Senator Amy Klobuchar

The challenge

Revitalize the Lake Street area in Minneapolis, which had been hit hard by the George Floyd assassination, riots, Covid-19 pandemic, and violence in the area.

Bring customers back, invite neighbors to experience this vital area.

Consumer behavior has shifted in several ways in the way they do experience places, shop, and do their daily activities.


LEDC partnered with JLLB Media to develop a comprehensive communications plan to revitalize the area and bring people back to the local businesses, including BIPOC-owned and black-owned enterprises. JLLB Media provided communication management and support, event web page design, social media management, email campaigns management, media relationships with influencers, and local media, including newspapers, radios, and some political celebrities. The centerpiece of the plan was to organize a Taco Tour, a celebration of culture, music, and food that would attract visitors and neighbors to the area.


St Paul nonprofit, the Latino Economic Development Center was in need of marketing and communications support where we worked with several small business owners while managing the campaign for their Taco Tour on Lake Street, and helped also with their year-end fundraising campaign. Our work included designing communications and marketing strategy and implementing day-to-day marketing tactics such as designing and managing the website event page, website updates, social media management and communications, email communications, visual design work, storytelling via video production, and support with public relations.

The 2022 Taco Tour on Lake Street event was a great experience for JLLB Media as marketing contractors and it had a profound impact and positive outcome in the Minneapolis community and East Lake Street business area. The event was focused on supporting Latino-owned and BIPOC-owned businesses in Minneapolis to bring awareness, and visitors, and attract new clients.

Some of the accomplishments for the event include 3,781 interactions with the event page, 1.33% CTR for social ads, and a media campaign of 636k impressions.

During this campaign, there was an estimated attendance of 6k+ visitors, 60% of visitors’ demographics were other than white. 22 participating businesses, which increased 40%+ their sales during the event.


Impacted 30+ Latino-owned businesses during this partnership.
Served 100% Latino business owners and BIPOC business owners.
Contracted with one medium size nonprofit in economic development.
Industries served: hospitality, retail, nonprofit, and economic development sector.

All work performed by JLLB Media Marketing Agency.

3,718 interaction with event page

1.33% CTR for social media ads


media campaign impressions

6k+ visitors

60% visitors demographics were other than white

40%+ increased sales

22 participating businesses 

Client Testimonial

“JLLB Media Marketing helped us execute our promotional campaign for our relaunched Taco Tour on Lake Street – and in a very, very short timeframe! Juan worked on every detail – from drafting content, to capturing videos, to crafting strategy to encourage people to attend and support our small business clients on Lake Street. He worked quickly, diligently, and creatively to build awareness about this community event. He was extremely enthusiastic about this event and our mission, and it’s evident in his work. He is also receptive to feedback and always looking to have a greater impact in his work”.

Hayley Crabb

Development & Communications Director

Latino Economic Development Center

JLLB Media
on a mission

We have a passion for helping business owners and organizations reach their goals. We enjoy working on projects that are mission-based or purpose-driven.

In 2022, the Taco Tour allowed us to experience Lake Street in a different way, very close to the business owners and seeing the way they do things. This experience, allowed us to see first-hand the needs of the local businesses to improve their marketing presence, both at their brick-and-mortar stores, as well as, in the digital space.

We helped LEDC with marketing strategy, and communications, in English and Spanish, and worked closely with people collaborating with this project as well as working with Latino business owners participating in it.

Some samples of our work are below:

Taco Tour
Event Page
Design and content provided by JLLB Media
Video production, editing, and post production by JLLB Media
Creative provided by JLLB Media
Design + Production by JLLB Media

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