Case Study

Transforming Engagement and Outreach: North Star Youth Exchange's Digital Renaissance

How JLLB Media Revitalized a Cultural Exchange Program
in the Digital Age

North Star Youth Exchange Case Study


In a world rapidly adapting to post-pandemic norms, North Star Youth Exchange (NSYE), a seasoned player in facilitating cultural exchanges for high school students, faced unprecedented challenges. With travel halting and traditional engagement methods stalling, NSYE needed a fresh approach to reignite its program’s allure. Enter JLLB Media – tasked with not just reviving, but revolutionizing NSYE’s outreach and enrolment strategies.

The challenge

NSYE’s rich history in fostering cross-cultural understanding was at a crossroads. Post-pandemic, the organization grappled with dwindling enrolments, an outdated online presence, and minimal social media engagement. The task at hand wasn’t just about short-term recovery; it was about setting a foundation for sustainable, long-term engagement and growth.

Strategy and Implementation:

  1. Deep-Dive Discovery: JLLB Media began with in-depth discussions with NSYE directors, assimilating the essence of their mission and understanding the nuances of past efforts and future aspirations.
  2. Target Market Analysis: Crafting messages that resonate meant dissecting the audience. Our analysis identified key segments – students, parents, educators, and host families – tailoring bespoke strategies for each.
  3. Social Media Revitalization: We catapulted NSYE into the digital spotlight with a robust social media strategy, spanning Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. A meticulously planned content calendar ensured consistent, engaging messaging across platforms.
  4. Website Redesign: NSYE’s digital facade underwent a complete overhaul. The new website, with its intuitive design and compelling imagery, now effectively communicates the program’s vibrant spirit and value proposition.
  5. Multi-Platform Advertising: Leveraging Google Ads and Meta platforms, our targeted campaigns propelled NSYE’s visibility, harnessing the power of both search and social media marketing.
  6. Video Content Creation: Recognizing the impact of visual storytelling, we amplified NSYE’s narrative through engaging video content, tailored for YouTube and social media dissemination.
North Star Youth Exchange


The transformation was not just visible; it was measurable. Brand awareness soared as reflected in social media engagement and website traffic. The new website became a hub of interaction and information, resonating with young minds and their guardians.

Paid marketing efforts transcended average benchmarks, drawing in a wider audience with higher engagement rates. Most importantly, NSYE experienced a revitalized interest in their programs, setting a new precedent in their journey.

The collaboration between NSYE and JLLB Media is a testament to the power of strategic digital reinvention. In navigating the new normal, NSYE has not only regained its footing but has stepped forward as a leading example of adaptability and resilience in the cultural exchange arena.

Increased interaction with website

Increased social media awareness

Digital foundation has been established

Increased enrollment achieved

Client Testimonial

“We are very satisfied with the work of JLLB Media. We decided to work with them due to their personal touch. They were extremely helpful in the planning and delivery of our marketing campaign and were very responsive to our comments and questions. Without their assistance, we would not have been able to make the steps forward that we needed. We are already reaping the benefits of the campaign.

Actually, their marketing services went beyond our expectations. They helped in giving us new direction and worked to develop our social media presence. They continually came up with helpful suggestions that we would not have thought of.

There are no areas that I can point to where they fell short of expectations. I was very impressed that they made sure that we were able to continue with our marketing efforts beyond the term of our contract. They cared about our continuing success.

Thank you, JLLB Media!

Eric Johnsrud

JLLB Media
on a mission

At JLLB Media, we believe in the power of purpose. Our mission transcends mere business goals; it’s about igniting change, fostering growth, and contributing to a world where meaningful experiences shape our future leaders. The journey with North Star Youth Exchange (NSYE) exemplifies this commitment.

When we partnered with NSYE, we saw more than a cultural exchange program; we saw an opportunity to enrich the lives of youth, to bridge cultural divides, and to foster understanding that transcends borders. In a world often divided, initiatives like NSYE are beacons of hope, offering young minds a chance to explore, learn, and grow in a global community.

Our work with NSYE wasn’t just a project; it was a partnership in pursuit of a shared vision. By revitalizing their digital presence and outreach, we aimed not just to revive a program, but to rekindle opportunities for youth to engage in life-changing experiences. Every social media post crafted, every pixel placed on their new website, and every strategy implemented was done with the intent to inspire and engage.

As we reflect on the success of NSYE’s digital transformation, we are reminded of the impact of our work beyond the metrics. We are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to a cause that aligns so closely with our core values – providing unique, enriching opportunities for youth to travel the world, build lasting experiences, and contribute towards world peace.

This case study is more than a testament to our expertise; it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to support mission-based and purpose-driven organizations. At JLLB Media, we are dedicated to using our skills in digital marketing to amplify voices that strive for positive change, to tell stories that matter, and to support initiatives that make a real difference.

To the teams, volunteers, and everyone involved in mission-driven organizations like NSYE, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your work inspires ours, and together, we can continue to make a significant impact in our communities and beyond.

In service of a better world, Juan LLerena Founder, JLLB Media

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