Divas Fair Trade

In collaboration with Divas Fair Trade owners, we created the logo, and the full branding package to appeal to the shoppers that are target market for this retailer of sustainable fashion products.

The homepage was planned to quickly communicate what they do and a call to action to shop for their products.

This was an interesting project, as we provided hosting, website backups as well. 

This work included integration with Woo Commerce solution offering eCommerce capabilities that could allow inventory management in real time.

The product page was selected based on the client’s input. It provides an exciting experience for the shopper by seeing the images in a close up view and the product characteristics right next to it. 

The checkout experience was also integrated with Square payments, including one-click payment for digital wallets to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z generations.

This integration allowed accessing a POS system that will track inventory in real time between physical sales and the ecommerce platform.

The website includes popups with specific goals to further nurture the client relationships with their customers by capturing other means of communication such as adding them to the e-newsletter for further marketing opportunities.