Fixing the Broken Ecosystem for Multicultural Entrepreneurship

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Fixing the broken ecosystem for multicultural entrepreneurship is essential for businesses to thrive. The purpose of this commentary is to make everyone think (and possibly act) on ways to lower the barriers of entry for those usually forgotten and unintentionally ignored.

The ecosystem for multicultural entrepreneurship is broken. I know what you are thinking.. is broken depending on where you are, and what your experience has been.

Too often, resources, investments, education, and networking are disconnected.

Businesses need to be able to connect the dots and create an environment that is conducive to success.

This can not be the only responsibility of the private sector but also coordinated efforts of public and private entities (profit, and nonprofit) to foster an ecosystem that responds to each community’s needs.

Luckily, I invested a good portion of my time last year to get to know and understand better how this ecosystem is structured in Minnesota. And in general, we are fortunate to have very passionate and knowledgeable people working to make it more accessible to all.

Yet, communicating these opportunities is a challenge, because in more diverse communities relationships need to be built first, and the seed needs to be planted earlier (school age).

The Benefits of Connecting Resources

The first step is to connect resources. Businesses need to create an ecosystem where resources are available and accessible to everyone, including multicultural entrepreneurs. This includes access to capital, mentorship, training, and other support systems.

Businesses that have access to resources are more likely to be successful. Yet, there are statistics that show that access to things such as capital or funding is harder to get for multicultural communities.

So, as each community has different needs, making the effort to address those needs, and provide the training, education, and resources to get prepared to qualify for access to capital.

The Power of Investing in Education

The second step is to invest in education. Businesses need to create learning opportunities for entrepreneurs so that they can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Businesses that invest in education have a higher rate of success.

Title: Fixing the Broken Ecosystem for Multicultural Entrepreneurship
Fixing the Broken Ecosystem for Multicultural Entrepreneurship

The Importance of Networking

The third step is to build networks. Businesses need to create an environment where entrepreneurs can network and connect with other entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential investors.

This allows them to get feedback, advice, and other support that can help them succeed.

Often times we see, that access to some networking opportunities is exclusive to those who can afford to pay to get into spaces, somewhat this feeds the same vicious circle of keeping the same people in and leaving the same people out.

For example, organizations should consider adding a differentiated pricing layer of pricing for students (FREE?), individuals, or small-business owners who have to choose between keeping the door of their businesses open versus attending such events.

Supporting Multicultural Entrepreneurs

In addition, businesses need to recognize the cultural context of multicultural entrepreneurs.

Multicultural entrepreneurs bring innovation and risk-taking to the table, and businesses need to support them. Multicultural entrepreneurs are more likely to launch new products or services.

Fixing the broken ecosystem for multicultural entrepreneurship is essential for businesses to thrive.

With the right approach, businesses can create an ecosystem that helps multicultural entrepreneurs thrive.


Fixing the broken ecosystem for multicultural entrepreneurship is essential for businesses to thrive. Connecting resources, investing in education, and building networks are key to creating an environment that is conducive to success.

How about if we try something different and invite people from multicultural communities to tell us how to best reach out, and what they need support with? How about we decentralize some resources and have a bigger footprint where these communities work and play? How about if we apply more empathy and look at things with a different set of eyes? maybe and only maybe we will be creating an entrepreneurial system that is stronger, better connected, more diverse, and innovative.

On my entrepreneurial and business journey I have met lots of smart, talented, and good-hearted people who are doing amazing work.

We simply need more of that. We can make it better.

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