Marketing to your niche Market

Marketing to your niche Market

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I was recently doing some business consulting for a client who was looking to make some decisions to grow their wholesale business.

It was interesting to see how business owners can easily miss -being as busy as they are- on some basic marketing strategies to capture an audience and maximize their ROI.

Here are seven (7) recommendations you can not ignore when marketing to your niche market:


1. Are you marketing to a Wholesale or Retail audience? Are you selling a product or service?

As basic as this might seem often times I see ads written to a final consumer when the true target audience is a wholesale buyer or vice versa.

2. Picture: A good picture is worth a thousand words.

Your image or graphic has to be attractive (do not overload) to stand out from the competition. Think of your best selling product or service. Sometimes, a picture of a happy satisfied consumer can send the right message.

target audience

3. DESCRIPTION: Keep on mind, your audience may only have a few seconds to read your advertisement.

If you are marketing to the final consumer, you can tell them of the benefits of using your product; for wholesale clients, tell them how they will make money with your product or service.

4. Straight to the point: time (and space) is money.

Mention facts and results of using the products being offered.

5. How’s your back end running?

Take the time to revise your procedures for new accounts, follow up calls, post customer service, complains, etc.

6.Online presence: how your website looking? even better, does it communicate well your brand, products and culture?

Easy to navigate
Easy to convert: shop or sign up
Easy to contact you or your staff.

7. Basic customer service.

Again and again, the challenge for many business is to remain as human as possible.Remember, customers sometimes prefer to talk to real people. Answer the phone promptly, reply to emails professionally and in a timely manner.

There are many other things to consider; we believe these recommendations will help you obtain a better results on your marketing campaigns.

 Writer / Blogger / Contibutor


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