Podcast Episode # 36. A/B Test – Part 2

A/B Test. Obtain better information to improve your website.

A/B Test – Part 2

A/B Test are a great way to discover what can drive more conversions and achieve your goals!

A/B Test are available for anyone who wants to discover how to increase and improve Conversion in their websites.

Imagine you want to test two (2) color buttons in a CTA for your website and see which one gives you better conversions.

If you want to learn more about CTA make sure you listen to our Podcast Episode # 20 -Navigability and Usability.

If you missed our previous episode A/B Test Part I, I would invite you to listen to it!

In today’s episode, A/B Test Part 2,we will talk about:

  • How long does it have to be active?
  • How many visits does your site need?
  • What to do next?
  • How to do it (implement it)?

We wish you have an awesome weekend and stay safe and warm!

…and remember, today is a great day to create, compete and be happy!.

Juan LLerena

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