Podcast Episode # 34. Disruptive and Innovative : Amazon Go and Entrepreneurship

Amazon Go: disruptive and innovative...and Entrepreneurship. JLLB Marketing and Digital Media.

Amazon Go and Entrepreneurship

Amazon Go is all over the news, acting as a leader and with the mission to take a bite out of the retail physical multi-billion dollar industry.

With the unveil of their pilot smaller grocery store format without cashiers and without self-checkouts!!!

As cool as it seems, it presents a reality that we see a little closer to real life rather than in just a futuristic Sci-fi Movie from Steven Spielberg or Back to the Future with super star Michael J. Fox: the replacement of jobs performed by robots or technology instead of humans.

Why did I think of recording a Podcast about this? well, because it is a reminder for all entrepreneurs to ALWAYS be willing to change and to accept the fact that being an entrepreneur will present challenges and that the rules of the game can be different from almost one day to the next.

In today’s podcast we talk about the whole world of opportunities we have at our finger tips to create and build our dream business, as long as we are willing to put the time and effort: passion and heart.

As we approached the end of the year, it is always a good time to think about our goals for the new year (we can talk about that in a future episode. Let us know if you want us to!) and apply the right strategy to accomplish more! Enjoy!

We will be back next Monday with another interesting Podcast Episode.

Happy Friday. Chao!

Juan Llerena

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