Podcast Episode # 61. Changes in Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior with Juan LLerena

Episode 61 – Changes in Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior is changing just in front of our eyes.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we must stay on top of our game, particularly learning about consumer’s habits and behaviors and getting an understanding on how to be able to identify consumer’s needs, solve their problems and satisfy their expectations to earn their business and loyalty.

Today’s episode we talk about Consumer Behavior.

We are so lucky to be living in a technological age where customers are more curious, more demanding than ever and knowledgeable.

At the same time, we have more tools to reach out to them. There’s never been a better time to be in business!

  • Consumer behavior is changing in front of our eyes. We must pay attention.

  • Consumers are curious and knowledgeable, but also more demanding and specific with their requests.

  • We must be proactive to react to these changes and stay relevant.

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