Book Review: S3-08 – The Silent Language of Leaders, How Body Language Can Help by Carol Kinsey Gorman (2011) – Season 3 Episode 8

S3 - 8 The Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena - The Silent Language of Leaders - Podcast

Book Review: S3-08 – The Silent Language of Leaders How Body Language Can Help by Carol Kinsey Gorman (2011)  

Season 3 Episode 8

Welcome to a new Podcast episode. Do you want to become a better leader, inspire teams to reach new heights and impact more people positively? It is important to pay attention to your own body language as it says more than words.

In this book The Silent Language of Leaders (2011) by author Carol Kinsey Gorman, we learn and are reminded how powerful body language is and how to use this knowledge to our benefit.

As Carol suggests, it all goes back to the brain and how we had to decide very quickly who was an enemy or a friend to survive, that is why people will give you only about 7 seconds to pick their attention and to develop a sense to trust so they can open to your message.

It is equally important to become aware of the social cues that exist withing different demographic groups without stereotyping. Being aware can help you reach motivate and communicate better with your team, so everyone is after the same goal.

Call to action: practice makes perfect! I recommend people to practice in front of a mirror and pay attention to their facial expressions, gestures, and the body messages with your posture, what you do with your hand, feet and eyes.

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