Podcast Episode # 38. Touchpoint Marketing – Branding

Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena - Touch point

Touch-point Marketing – Branding

Your Branding sends a strong message about your business to the consumer’s mind.

In today’s episode we continue our discussion on an important element in your Touch point Marketing.

Whether you run a Corporate Business or Personal brand, it will need to reflect and convey your business’ message and business’ personality.

It is key to remember to maintain a strong alignment between your Mission, Vision and your Customer’s needs and wants.

Your branding should speak to your target market about who you are, what to expect and the culture of your business.

The challenge this week is to take time to think about these important elements and see where you need to improve.

Of course, action is needed!

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Have a great weekend! And remember today it’s a great day to create, compete and be happy.


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