Book Review: Brotopia – Season 3 Episode 3

Brotopia by Emily Chang - The Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena Season 3 - Episode 3

Book Review: Brotopia – Season 3 Episode 3

Welcome. Today we celebrate women’s contribution to society, technology and everywhere else! We believe we have a mission to educate and to inspire people for positive change. If you think women are still behind in equal opportunities, this book “Brotopia” review is for you! Even progressive technological companies like, and are example that this still applies, and perhaps they don’t even know it!

The book Brotopia, written by Emily Chang (2018), takes us on a trip to know a little bit of history on why the technology industry is dominated by men. As we learn, this is no a coincide but is a systemic system. I believe by understanding the past, it can help shape the future differently. Let’s celebrate women with action, by creating equal opportunities for women: payment, career advancement, job opportunities, etc.


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Are you a women who has a story of success or failure you want to share? I would love to hear it. Or are you a men, and you have found ways to create more opportunities for women? Social Entrepreneurs, let’s connect!

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