Book Review: S3-13 – End of the Year Reflection and Invitation to Collaborate

S3 - 13 The Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena - Invitation to Collaborate

This podcast episode is dedicated to you! Because despite any failures or challenges you are still here standing on your feet and ready to take on 2019!

It is true, all the time we listen to success stories and we tend to forget (or never even pay attention) the struggles, challenges and difficulties of any new venture. Most of the successful business we know today, have gone (and still experience) through difficult times and have experienced failure. The difference? they have learned from them, they have surrounded with experts on the subject, they have done their homework and now we see the results.

Let’s reflect on our goals and make a plan to make 2019 better!

Do you have an idea or do you have skills you can put to work? Are you interested to collaborate? Contact me! Let’s bring our ideas, experience and knowledge to work!

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Thank you for being there, in the other side. I wish you all a great end of year and a strong start!

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