Podcast Episode # 68. Creativity for Innovation

Creativity: Online Marketing Podcast Episode # 68. Creativity for Innovation with Juan LLerena

Podcast Episode # 68. Creativity for Innovation

Welcome to the Online Marketing Podcast! in this final episode from our second Season we discuss how creativity is key for innovation in any organization regardless of its size.

“I am not creative” is something we hear often, due to the lack of enabling our Organizational Culture to embrace creativity, develop it and have a set of behaviors that foster and welcomes it.

Key points:

  • Welcome Creativity. Build culture that embraces Creativity and Innovation.

  • Look for ways to improve your Organizational Culture and how it fosters creativity as well as how it supports the creative process.

  • Time-blocking is important to dedicate time to commit to activities that improve Creativity skills for you, your team and collaborators.

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Have a great Summer!

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