Podcast Episode # 42. Our Podcast Goals for the New Season # 2

Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena


As we are starting our second Season, I wanted to share with you my Goals for the New Season!

How important is goal setting for you as we get into the new year? It’s an exciting opportunity to improve and make our lives better, accomplish new goals and take on new challenges.

These are the 3 main goals I have identified:

  • Grow this community.
  • Support each other with our Expertise and also share our struggles as intrapreneurs or an entrepreneurs.
  • Stay “In The Know”.

Check this episode out and share your expectations with us during the New Year!

I’ll take the opportunity to extend an invitation for you to join our growing Entrepreneurial Community. So, if you have not join us yet, you are invited to be part of our TRIBU!

You can start by subscribing to The Online Marketing Newsletter, you will get free resources and you will be the first one to know when new content is released! I promise I will respect your time and privacy.

See you next Friday in the next Podcast Episode!

What’s next? Goal Setting for you!

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