Podcast Episode # 43. Holistic Approach. Goals Setting for the Entrepreneur

Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena. Holistic approach for goal setting

Goal Setting.

I invite you to reflect on them but with a holistic approach and a different perspective!

Life is not only about work, work, work, even as much as we love what we do.

The truth is all we do is, because we are either afraid of something, or because we are always searching for happiness.

In this episode, I talk to you from a human perspective (Holistic approach), the one that is vulnerable, subject to excess or mistakes.

Reflect on your own Goals for the new year with a holistic approach, and set a plan that works for you!

I have narrowed it down to three main steps that work for me:

  • Identify those areas in your life that are not well taken care as they should (think beyond work), think family, personal, wellness and emotional.
  • Establish a realistic plan for the new year (think S.MA.R.T. goals ) and put it down somewhere you can be reminded in a regular basis.
  • Compromise and find an accountability partner or support group.

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