Podcast Episode # 45. Marketing Calendar & FREE Gift

Marketing Calendar with Juan LLerena

Marketing Calendar for 2018! Free Gift

It’s a new exciting week! An opportunity to start taking action and working on what’s important for our business: Prepare a calendar that it’s articulated to engage your followers and capture potential new visitors that can be turned into paying customers.

A Marketing Calendar.

This is a tool that will allow you to effectively communicate with your team and contributors to produce content for social media, blogs, advertising, guerrilla marketing campaign, etc.

  • In this episode we cover some tips to get you started and to improve your marketing efforts and therefore, obtain better results.
  • Your competition will not wait for you! It is up to you to take charge of your destiny, plus you get a free resource that you can put to work for your business immediately.

CLICK HERE it’s a FREE Gift for you! Click the link to download a copy of a Marketing Calendar.

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