Book Review: Measure What Matters by John Doerr (2018) – Season 3 Episode 5

S3 - 5 The Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena - Measure What Matters (2018) chronicles John Doerr’s -

Book Review: Measure What Matters- Season 3 Episode 5

Measure What Matters (2018) by John Doerr’s lifelong journey shares his insights of how to help organizations implement objectives and key results – otherwise known as OKRs. John tells us that with help of OKRs, big tech companies like Google and other nonprofits like the Gates Foundation have been able to transform the way they set goals to reach new heights with extended goals.

Have you ever worked for an organization that seems like it nobody knew where it was going? Let me tell you, that you are not alone.

In many instances companies often have so many goals that they might as well have none at all. The result? workers are tugged in so many directions that they directionless: disengaged, confused and unproductive.


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Can you identify 3 measurable OKRs that would be beneficial for your organization? Then, invite a conversation with management or your staff to discuss how to measure it, define timelines, provide a clear picture of how to get there and follow up. This is a 360 degree process, feedback is needed and sometimes new measurements are needed to get you closer to whatever goal you have as a business.

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