Podcast Episode # 41. Welcome and Mindfulness Tips and Techniques.

Mindfulness Tips and Techniques - JLLB Media with Juan LLerena

Mindfulness Tips and Techniques.

We are still focused on improving our Marketing best practices to improve the chances for our projects to succeed!

Today I am choosing to open this new Season with a Mindfulness Podcast Talk, why?

Because after being myself so busy, and cutting hours from my own sleep and started getting confused between what’s urgent, what’s important and what wasn’t neither urgent or important!

I realized that Entrepreneurs worked longer days and we sometimes do not get enough rest…which we need to stay healthy mentally and physically!

I think my own experience can help others like me :)

Being that we are approaching the Holiday Season really fast, I thought the timing was right to release this new episode to remind us all to keep a good life in balance. Balance between work, career, family and personal time.

We invite you to join our Entrepreneurial Community on facebook or twitter and to participate in this discussion:

  • How do you cope with stress or how do you try to be more mindful being in the present moment?
  • What works for you?
  • What’s your biggest struggle being an intrapreneur or entrepreneur?
  • We always welcome your comments, suggestions and questions about Online Marketing … we love to hear from you. Without you this show would not exist!

Have a great weekend! And remember today it’s a great day to create, compete and be happy.


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