Podcast Episode # 39. MinneDemo – Minnestar

Tech Entrepreneurs Networking Event at MinneDemo in Minneapolis

MinneDemo Event

A Local Event Designed to Inspire Entrepreneurs in the Tech Field.

I decided to get the word out about the MinneDemo Event to take place in Minneapolis on Thu, Feb 16th 2017.

Why? because our Podcast looks to facilitate information to all Entrepreneurs to create new connections, get some new business ideas and to expand their network.

This event will feature Speakers presenting already working Minnesota Tech Products in 7 minutes and they are not allowed to use PowerPoint! How cool is that?

I think this will be a great opportunity to learn about other entrepreneurs and to learn more about the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Minnesota, even if you have a business or you are thinking of creating a business in a different field.

If you plan to attend, I would invite you get connected. As before, we invite you to join our Entrepreneurial Community on facebook or twitter. We can also help your business with your Corporate Image needs or re-branding efforts.


We always welcome your comments, suggestions and questions about Online Marketing … we love to hear from you.

Without you this show would not exist!

Have a great weekend! And remember today it’s a great day to create, compete and be happy. Chao!

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