Podcast Episode # 40. How is your Organizational Culture?

How is your Organizational Culture? Is it aligned with your Vision and Values?

Organizational Culture.

Organizational Culture or Company’s Culture has a profound impact on your long term bottom line.

It also impacts the financial success of your business as such, as well as the success of everyone who is part of your Organization.

Organizational Culture are all those unwritten rules, that shape how your everyday operation is run.

How everyone within your business interacts among everyone else, including suppliers, outside vendors and customers.

It can determine the success of failure of any entrepreneurship, so you better pay attention.

We would like to hear from you:

  • How do you define your Organizational Culture?
  • Is it a healthy one?
  • Is it inviting to contribute with ideas and engaging to make anyone want to be part of it?

We invite you to join our Entrepreneurial Community on facebook or twitter and to participate in this discussion: is there a particular struggle you would like to share (we will keep it confidential), is Management not very supportive to instill a positive Organizational Culture? Today’s intention is to reflect on your own Organization, and this includes any organization with at least two people!

We always welcome your comments, suggestions and questions about Online Marketing … we love to hear from you. Without you this show would not exist!

Have a great weekend! And remember today it’s a great day to create, compete and be happy. Chao!

Juan LLerena

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