Podcast Episode # 48. Outside your Circle

Creativity: Outside your Circle with Juan Llerena

Creativity: Outside your Circle

Welcome to episode 48 already!

We continue this mini series on how to stay creative.

Today we talk about being outside your circle.

The challenge is to find small and simple ways to continue finding the inspiration to be creative at work! After a while, we all like to stay within our confort zone!

And that’s is dangerous…

How about trying small changes to your daily routine? use a different route to get to work, listen to a different podcast, or visit a local art gallery. Your creativity is a talent, you must cultivate it to develop it.

Try any these simple changes:

  • Find a Meetup meetup.com, Facebook facebook.com event or Evenbrite evenbrite.com event.
  • Shift your clock a couple of times a week.
  • Have lunch with different people at a different place.

As before, YOU are invited to be part of our TRIBU!

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