Book Review: S3-10 – Pivot – The only move that matters is your next one – Jenny Blake (2016) – Book Review

S3 - 10 The Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena - Pivot - Podcast

Book Review: S3-10 – Pivot:

The only move that matters is your next one – Jenny Blake (2016)

Season 3 Episode 10

I picked this book Pivot because according to many Surveys, there is a very big number of people who are not happy with what they do, or that say they would be happier and more engaged with their work if they could get a promotion or advance in their careers.

Truth is, many people are waiting for the opportunity to come to them, and miss on those opportunities because they are not ready. Pivot, provides a path to navigate through this challenges we go in life, and sets via a common sense approach on how to get to where you want by actually working on it.


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In a nut shell, take ownership of your destiny following these steps:

1. Take 2 days or 2 months to look deep inside you and identify what makes you happy and keeps you interested. Define what keeps you from doing what you love.

2. Make an inventory of your strengths and identify those areas you need to improve: training, practice, experience or skills.

3. Develop a plan to acquire those needed elements. Follow the plan.

4. Find a mentor to help you get to your goals faster. Do not cut corners.

Finally and most importantly, do not wait for opportunities to come and knock on your door… or you will be waiting forever.

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