Podcast Episode # 47. Reverse Pilot

Reverse Pilot with Juan LLerena

Reverse Pilot approach for Creativity.

We are leaders of our business or in the organizations we support.

As good leaders it is imperative to stay on top of our game by remaining dynamic.

I will never get tired of saying that we learn more by doing, and after doing something several times we become pretty good at it!

Reverse Pilot can help us with this goal.

So, are still focusing on remaining creative leader looking for innovation and a constant improvement in a dynamic always changing landscape.

Let’s talk briefly about MINIMALISM (Less is more, when we have time to do more with our time/and do more with less)

Some are currently talking about reverse pilot.

We must learn to say no, and to avoid committing to too many things and meetings that only take time, drain energy but add less productivity every single time.

The Reverse pilot approach is, precisely, getting rid of things that seem important but that really are not.

In simple words, it means to strip away useless or productivity-draining activities.

If the problem is YOU ARE TOO BUSY! You are not the only, but what If I would tell you that, you can turn that around and use it to your advantage. For instance, opening time to creativity, clear thinking and time to reflect on where you are going designing a path for the organization to follow in the short term and mid-term, and possibly into the long-term.

So, what if we eliminate activities and tasks that do not add value to our day, and we find that by doing that, we have more time to work better, improve processes, help the people around us…what will the result of that will look like?

What if you cancel, that weekly meeting, everyone attends because that what everyone does for a very long time? What if no one notices, and if on top of that, everything functions are with having this activity? What if you stop, filling out those spreadsheets, spending uncountable hours of your time, and instead, dedicate that time to create, improve, or listen to your audience and customers?

Does it sound too easy? To easy to be true? it’s probably not.

We are so used to using metrics that have changed, and that are no longer relevant.

So, next time ask yourself this question: Is it really necessary? Does it add any value? Instead of adding another initiative, take the initiative to take something away instead. The result might be adding back time and productivity to your day and possibly for your time as well.

Remember the bottom line: We must be creative so we can continue to find ways to maximize our time, resources and energy, doing things that add real value to the business. You might be happier too!

We invite you to ask yourself:

  • Is it really necessary?
  • Does it add any value?
  • Take something away instead!

As before, YOU are invited to be part of our TRIBU!

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