Book Review: S3-11 – Top of Mind (2017) By John Hall – Book Review

S3 - 11 The Online Marketing Podcast with Juan LLerena - Top of Mind book review

Book Review: S3-11 – Top of Mind (2017) By John Hall – Book Review

Season 3 Episode 11

We are getting close to the end of Season 3. Let me you how much I loved reading these books and selecting the material to share with you all! I hope you find them valuable and that you can share my podcast with those who might enjoy them and find them fun and beneficial to their lives.

This book review, is about one of my favorite subjects: Marketing! John Hall makes a clear differentiation between the old marketing school “Me Marketing” versus the more modern and up to day version the “You Marketing”.

This version is customer centered and it looks to build strategies around what’s important to our clients and being able to actively listen to solve their problems. Creating this way a relationship with the customers who will want to work with us.


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1. Find your purpose.

2. Share it with everyone in the company and your customers.

3. Listen to your customers and contact. Just listen.

4. Find ways to solve people’s problems, that’s how you will find your customers.

5. Be transparent. Honest.

6. Serve your customers. Money and success will be a byproduct of your efforts.

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