Podcast Episode # 33. WooCommerce – Part 2

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WooCommerce – Part 2

WooCommerce is the most utilized eCommerce (you can listen to our Ecommerce Podcast here!) platform for all size business.

There are many reasons why you should choose control over your eCommerce store, rather than depend on 3rd parties: One of the if the monthly fees, and commissions on top of that, and also loosing the control over your descriptions, pictures, etc.

In today’s WooCommerce Part I, we talked about this plug in, what it is and what it can do for you and your startup.

Also, we cover some of its main benefits, such as: Product types, Shipping fees, Inventory Control or Stock Control and Coupons.

In today’s episode WooCommerce Part 2 where we are discuss the powerful reporting options available to learn on how your eCommerce store is performing and more!

If you are not familiar with WordPress, we invite you to listen to our previous episodes podcast # 30 where we covered WordPress Part 1 and podcast # 31 where we covered WordPress Part 2.


Let’s start Monday strong  and have and awesome week!

We’ll be back on Friday with another interesting Podcast Episode.

Happy Monday. Chao!

Juan Llerena

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