Podcast Episode # 31. CMS WordPress – Part 2

Customer Service Management CMS Wordpress - WordPress is a powerful tool to build a professional website without writing any code. Learn why!

CMS WordPress

WordPress is the leading Content Management Software.

In this Podcast episode we will continue covering WordPress characteristics that will serve your business without requiring you to learn to write a single line of code.

If you missed our previous episode we invite you to listen to our podcast # 30 where we covered WordPress Part 1.

Today we define:

  • User Management
  • Themes and
  • Plugins

We talk about what these are, and how they are advantageous for you.

A few characteristics of WordPress (included but not limited to:)

  • Free
  • Open Sourced
  • It’s in the cloud
  • Easy to learn and to train
  • Use for blogs, eCommerce, subscriptions sites, Marketplace sites and more.
  • It can handle many forms of media: photos, music, text and more!

I am a big fan of WordPress, the best part is, we do not need to learn a line of code to use it! you can be more independent, save money instead of paying developers (unless your project is too specific) and it will let you get off the ground in literally no-time!

Stay tune and enjoy the Podcast show and also make sure you listen to next Monday’s with Part II. As we are building an entrepreneurial community we invite you to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook.


Juan Llerena

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