How to become a good Negotiator in 10 steps.

Become a good negotiator. 10 tips to master the skills of the negotiation process.

Negotiator: A good negotiator always considers multiple scenarios and outcomes.


It is crucial to be a good negotiator to be in business, therefore we have develop a quick guide to help you become one.

As any other skill this one can be mastered with practice, common sense, and with integrity.

As an entrepreneur you need to master negotiation skills that will help you build your customer base, secure the best possible terms for your business, and create the most favorable conditions to succeed.

It seems like this might be a very hard skill to develop, although you must learn to recognize all the opportunities everyday offers to become a better negotiator.

Above all, negotiation is a skill that can be learned over time and with patience. Therefore, it will be almost  impossible to cover this topic in just one blog.


Here we have assembled 10 tips to improve your negotiation skills:

1. Research the organization / party you will be negotiating with.

2. Be ready to walk away from the negotiation if there is no agreement to be made.

3. Consider multiple scenarios and possible outcomes.

4. Learn to laugh and to be comfortable to be with. Good humor can help break the ice prior to a negotiation process but remember: always remain professional and respectful.

5. Therefore, you should develop a strategy to build rapport.

6. Be patient. Negotiation can take multiple meetings until common ground is found.

7. If negotiating in international business; learn the basic treats of the culture.

8. Communication is important during this process, consequently you should learn to listen first. Discover what can give you leverage to close the deal.

9. Certainly a good negotiator remains true to his/her personal values and professional ethics.

10. Another important aspect is to remember that business contracts are usually on a 1 to 2 year basis. Follow through with your compromise and keep the doors open to a positive negotiation result for the future.

Finally, remember that you can accomplish anything with practice, dedication and patience, hence design a plan to get you on top of your game and master the negotiation skill.


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