Networking: Collaboration 1+1 = 10

imageNetworking Strategy: Collaboration 1+1 = 10

You must look for ways to build connections to maximize your business’ exposure and to tap into your network’s potential.

For those business that are bootstrapping, the marketing budget is usually very limited or sometimes non-existent. Start-ups in the early stages can find great allies and resources from their networking efforts.

I recently participated at a multi-cultural business networking event in the city of St Paul, Minnesota. It was very powerful to see 5 business communities: Anglo, African-American, Hispanic, Hmong and Somali communities working towards a common goal.

Business people and entrepreneurs, coming all from different backgrounds, with different cultural identities and customs; one mission: “Build partnerships and create new opportunities while building a platform to develop and grow their business”.

You can take this context and apply it within your own business community. The idea is to get out there and build partnerships and relations that enrich your business journey.

Business Collaboration

Business Collaboration: 1+1 = 10


To summarize, your PR efforts and marketing efforts should look to maximize results where

1 + 1 = 10.

Here are seven (7) tips to start building new partnerships and help your business grow:

  1. Start Today! do not wait another day.
  2. Always carry a friendly smile.
  3. Join business networks like: LinkedIn and Twitter.
  4. Attend a meet-up business networking group. EventBrite is another way to find groups to network.
  5. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and start promoting your business.
  6. Have professional business cards ready.
  7. Have your business pitch ready: What problem do you solve with your product or service? and have it memorized.

Consider these seven steps and you will be on your way to develop your business and land more jobs. You can plan other events as community services, support fundraisers and volunteer for events while getting the word out about your business. The more proactive you are, the better you’re changes for finding the right people that will eventually will lead to more business.




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