#Oscars: Digital Marketing and Digital Content: Lessons Learned


#Oscars: Digital Marketing and Digital Content: Lessons Learned

We decided to write this blog post after all the good lessons we saw recently during the 2015 Oscar Academy Awards.

Without any further introduction, here are some lessons learned every marketer should make a note of, when creating digital content for any marketing campaign:


  • HAVE A PLAN. Plan ahead and work the plan. The early stage of your marketing campaign should have clear goals and objectives for the participating team. The more time you allow your campaign run and get exposed the better chances to succeed.
  • BE CONSISTENT. Have a clear message for your target market. Be careful and keep it simple. After all, if it’s hard to understand or hard to do, who will follow?
  • BRAND IMAGE. project a positive image. Design a campaign that shows the world you are the winner. Everyone loves to follow winners. Have a good website presentation as well as a good personal image.
  • FEEDBACK. make your goal to obtain input and feedback, make adjustments to improve future campaigns. Repeat. Pay attention to what your customers say; remember the best conversation is to listen.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY. proved once again; and until something new replaces it. Include all social media channels available to reach to the masses. It will help you boost your SEO rankings and your changes to get picked up by bigger publications, allowing you to reach new heights.
  • MILLENNIAL THINKS DIFFERENT. Millenials showed how much they are concerned about community and society in general. In our opinion, it reflects a trend that it’s not secret. Socially responsible enterprises that are authentic in their goals and values will see an increasing demand for products that millenials feel identified with.
  • GIVE BACK. it’s not just about making money. Real winners help and care about others. Think how your company o product can make this a better community, or a better world. The sense of community is getting stronger as time goes by, create strong long-lasting partnerships that allow everyone to win and to grow.



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