Remember what is really important…


Have you ever heard the expression: “You make plans and God will laugh” ? it refers to those times when we make plans and things workout in a total different way…and I’m not the exception…as it happens more often than not.

I recently traveled to a Business Conference in Chicago. Of course, little I knew my flight from Minneapolis would be delayed over 3 hours, then diverted to Detroit MI to reaching final destination after 8 long hours between the long waits at the airport and little children crying on the plane.

Spending  time away from home and from my loved ones I had plenty of time to pause and reflect how challenging and fulfilling is being an entrepreneur and still remain focus to the really important things in my life.

I would like you to pause for a minute from your busy schedule, events, etc and ask yourself this question:

What is really important in your personal life?

the answer might not be that simple; still another question appears to follow:

What are your priorities? do your priorities align with those really important things in your life?

In my modest opinion, business and work is the via to fulfill our desire to contribute to society and to reach our personal dreams.

Ultimately, we all need to dig in deeper to see beyond ourselves to remember what is really meaningful in our personal life. The answers will vary for each one of us, but you will know at the end of the day what it’s that really important thing that makes you happy and makes everything else looks ridiculously insignificant.

Below we suggest 5 tips to help you enjoy a balanced life – resulting in a more productive and a happier life:

Start a journal:

1. Write the names of 3 people (ex: family, wife, kids, parents, health) that you are grateful for and commit an specific amount of time to cultivate that relationship.

2. Write 3 things you enjoy/want to do (it’s okay to write things you are already doing) and make sure you can dedicate some of your time to it while unplugging from your work life -smart phones included .

3.Write 3 things you are not currently doing that you KNOW you should -things that will help you achieve the physical/emotional condition to enjoy the rewards of your sacrifice and efforts (ex: exercise more, walk, eat better, start meditation, yoga, etc).

Follow through:

4. Have your journal handy. I strongly suggest to use your own writing and to commit to yourself as you are the only one capable of following your own thoughts and desires.

Evaluate. Revise. Repeat.

5. It is key to have a definite amount of time to check on your progress, make adjustments or change your initial ideas. Your goals and the things that make you happy can change so you need to pay attention to adapt, evolve and learn from it. It’s definitely worth it!



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