Get more Clicks -Implement a SEO strategy – Search Engine Optimization for your Site.

You have invested time and money in having a beautiful and functional website. Now, the challenge is to create traffic to your sites and find the best strategy to convert your visitors into clients.

Whether you sell products or services to consumers or businesses you need to optimize your website, so that search engines (google, bing among others) can display your website to potential visitors and clients.

A well designed Search Engine Optimization strategy – SEO – allows you have relevant results on the main search engines on the web. They issue is, there are many business offering similar products and services to these visitors.

The first step towards building an online business or to promote your brick and mortar business, is to get traffic.

Why you have to adapt to technology changes (and your business too!)
Why you have to adapt to technology changes (and your business too!)

There are many different strategies you could implement but first you will need to consider :


What are the goals for your website, whether it’s to have visitors to fill out a contact form or to land in a particular page. This is call “conversions” and it’s the ultimate goal you want to measure.


The navigation flow you would like your customers to follow. Perhaps you would like to help them learn something before they take a specific action.


You will have to understand developing a good SEO strategy takes time as web crawlers need to determine how relevant it is to display in their search engine results. Other alternatives are CPG campaigns or ad words.

Good SEO means good organic traffic; and perhaps the highest quality traffic for your business…



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