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Engage your employees and co-workers

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We all to some degree have experienced the frustration of having worked so hard to build our business; sometimes we find ourselves in a Management position where we have to deal with employees lacking motivation and not engaging with your business. Unhappy customers can bring serious consequences for your organization, putting everything you have earned at risk.


We can’t forget (but a lot of people do) this:

Employees are far more productive at work when they are engaged with your vision, mission and goals.

Below is some advise, to overcome these challenges:

Share the big picture:

…with your team members so they can understand better some of the companies policies and how what they do fits the BIG PICTURE.

Show them the way:

Company Culture is made out of many unwritten rules.

Engage your employees and co-workers



Here are some Powerful Tips to overcome this challenge:

  • Be a positive leader; everyone wants to be like and be with.
  • Live and breathe your company culture. Lead by example. Not just talk about it. DO IT.
  • Be thankful for everyone’s contribution to attaining the company’s goals. Regardless of their position or job activity.
  • Show appreciation -recognition- by giving rewards (don’t have to be expensive) to all team members. Even the smallest detail will reinforce good culture and positive behavior.
  • Don’t hold them back. Lead but train, advise and be honest with them. The more they grow, the more your company will grow and the more time you will have to develop news visionary goals for your business.

Give it a try. We are sure it will make an impact on your day by day business and why not personal live!

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