5 Tips to Create Positive Change:The Power of Building Connections #BushCON


I had an incredible opportunity to participate at the BushCON  event (#BushCON #BushCON15) sponsored and organized by the Bush Foundation. I was honored to be among a diverse group people who see challenges in our society and turn them into action creating opportunities for change.

Bush CONNECT. Bush Foundation Minnesota.
Bush CONNECT. Bush Foundation Minnesota.

Living in the Midwest -to be specific in Minnesota- sometimes it takes a little longer to catch up with trends and with what is happening in both Coasts of the Nation and the rest of the world…and this is not always a bad thing.

The fact is, Minnesota is a very progressive State and I am very proud to be living here, having  the opportunity to create meaningful connections for change.

In this article I felt is important to share what I took home after this exciting event #BushCON: The Power of Building Connections.

We know and understand to a certain degree the importance and power of building networks but what I mean here is getting the opportunity to accelerate those connections, building personal and business relationships and friendships along the way to create a positive change in our communities.

I have a passion for business (and I believe you do too!) where solving a problem with simple solutions is always a challenge and where creating wealth -than can translate to opportunities- is the beauty of entrepreneurship.

Earlier this year, I attended the Entrepreneur Growth Business Conference in Miami… there, I first hand was able to connect with all kinds of entrepreneurs … and, what it created a lasting impact for me was learning of a different breed of successful social entrepreneurs. This specially excites me, because for everyone of these for-profit endeavors that succeed, creating a sustainable model that endures time, proofs that a it is possible to create wealth and a better society altogether.

It is even more powerful to connect with Midwest Regional Social Entrepreneurs #changemakers, right here within our own communities and create a discussion and build those powerful connections. I can only imagine what is possible if we work together…and that is my friends: E X C I T I N G.

And this is a dream I would like to share with you all: to create equal opportunities for all and to access a better quality of life; regardless of color, race or any other type of preference.

And, if you share  a similar vision and dream I will challenge you to start pursing that dream today.

Power of Connections 1+1 = 10 (not 2!)
Power of Connections 1+1 = 10 (not 2!)

Here are 5 tips to immediately start taking action and create positive change:

1. Burst your bubble: get out of your comfort zone. Sure, this is not going to be easy, but I can guarantee the more you do it the better you will get at it.

2. Get informed. No need to do what is already being done. Instead, build on those experiences, ask questions and make your end result even better.

3. Ask and Admit you can not do it alone. It takes courage  and to be humble. Flip every possible stone and ask questions; search for advice and possibly mentor-ship. Again, the power of building connections will proof to you that 1+1=10 (not 2!).

4. Learn to listen: shut up! and listen. I mean, really to listen actively. Do you know that even a similar idea from someone different can have a 5% difference and really turn out to be the greatest idea ever!!! Remain open to others ideas.

5. Learn to tell your own history; believe it or not, it is easier to tell someone else’s story than your own. How can you accomplish this? start a journal and write your ideas, accomplishments. Again ask questions to your peers and within your network: how do they perceive you? what do they know of you? how they see you? now, take it all back and write a compelling history that reflects what you have done but that more importantly, that spells out your vision and how you will get there.

Minnesota Social Impact Center
Minnesota Social Impact Center

I would like to say thanks to our friends Terri Barreiro and Danielle Steer from The Social Impact Center who allowed me to attend the BushCON event as part of the group of #socialchangers and for facilitating me to build powerful connections that will allow us to collaborate and create something beautiful.



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