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We are extremely pleased with the marketing services we’ve received. Working with the team has been a delight; their communication, responsiveness, and project management have all exceeded our expectations. We were not only satisfied but pleasantly surprised by the value added beyond what we anticipated. There were no aspects of the service that fell short. In fact, we received more than we expected, which makes us very likely to recommend their services to others. Juan, in particular, was outstanding. He was an attentive listener, asked insightful questions, and provided valuable feedback that significantly benefited our project. We came across their services through a referral, and it’s been a rewarding discovery!

Fred Petters

Violet Wine & Spirits

We were extremely satisfied. Most of all we appreciate the attention to detail, high-level of customer service, and commitment to bringing our true brand image to life. We will recommend JLLB Media any day, anytime. The marketing service was beyond our expectation. No specific aspects fell short of our expectations. If you’re looking for a Media company to bring your brand to life, JLLB Media is the one!

Tashie George


My experience working with JLLB Media was very positive in all respects. The in-depth working sessions helped define the identity, focus, strengths, and pressure points of my new business in powerful and practical ways, in addition to generating attractive branding resources. My experience of working with JLLB media exceeded initial expectations in all respects.

Working with Juan and JLLB Media was a rich and productive experience, a crucial step in the development of my start-up business. Workshopping business identity and producing branding resources which exceeded my expectations. I feel my chances of long-term success have been boosted by the experience and I would recommend JLLB Media to any other small business owners going through the start-up process.

Danny Diamond

Founder of Atlantic Arts

My experience with JLLB Media has been nothing short of amazing. Despite my challenges in communication, Juan consistently made the effort to reach out, providing encouragement and support throughout the process. His professionalism and expertise were evident, as he skillfully brought my vision to life. I’m extremely grateful for the dedication and personalized attention I received. Choosing JLLB Media for our marketing needs was a remarkable decision. They not only met but exceeded every expectation, addressing each of our business concerns with exceptional care and professionalism. The level of service and dedication provided by their team was truly outstanding. Thank you, JLLB Media, for surpassing my expectations!

Yarma Russell

Founder of Yarms Distinct Hair Salon

As a realtor, the importance of a strong online presence cannot be overstated, and finding the right marketing services to enhance that presence is crucial.

I am thrilled to share my very satisfying experience with Juan Llerena and his team at JLLB Media. From the outset, Juan was more than just a service provider; he was a true collaborator. He took the time to listen and understand the nuances of my real estate business, guiding me through a deep dive into my website’s potential and helping to refine my social media strategy.

My expectations were not only met but far exceeded by the services provided by JLLB Media. Juan’s insights and suggestions have been invaluable, with at least one recommendation already making a significant impact on my marketing efforts. I am eagerly looking forward to implementing more of his advice to further my business’s reach and effectiveness.

I did not encounter any aspects of the services that fell short. On the contrary, every interaction and outcome has been positive, reinforcing my decision to work with Juan and his team. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine commitment to my success have made a notable difference.

Therefore, it’s without hesitation that I highly recommend Juan Llerena and JLLB Media to any professional looking to elevate their online marketing. Whether you’re looking to enhance your website or boost your social media presence, Juan’s guidance and the team’s execution are exceptional. I initially heard about their services through word of mouth and a Facebook advertisement, and I’m so glad I decided to reach out.

Thank you, Juan and JLLB Media, for your outstanding support and for playing a pivotal role in my business’s growth.

Kathy Samson

Commercial and Residential Realtor, KAthy Samson

I am beyond pleased with the marketing services provided by JLLB Media. From the very beginning, the process of working with their marketing team, especially Juan Llerena, has been nothing short of exceptional.

The level of communication, responsiveness, and project management exceeded my expectations. It’s rare to find a team that truly listens and understands your business goals, especially when you’re not entirely sure how to articulate them in a marketing context.

However, Juan Llerena and his team did just that – they heard me and translated my vision into results.

Their marketing services not only met my expectations but surpassed them in ways I hadn’t imagined. I was particularly impressed by how well they understood my direction and objectives, even when I couldn’t express them clearly myself. Their ability to listen deeply and act on that understanding has made a remarkable difference in my business.

I cannot think of any aspect of their services that fell short. Their comprehensive approach and attention to detail have left me very satisfied. Because of my outstanding experience, I am very likely to recommend JLLB Media to others. Working with them has been a game-changer, and I am grateful for the positive impact they’ve had on my business.

To Juan Llerena and their entire team: thank you so much for your exceptional work. You’ve not only met my expectations but provided a level of service and results that truly stand out. I look forward to our continued collaboration and am excited to see where your expertise will take my business next.

Lisa Morris-Henry

Founder, Morris-Henry Designs LLC

 I am absolutely happy with the services. Really impressive. The website and content audit allow us to get a new marketing plan.

I’m planning to get an annual assessment of my web and marketing plan.

Jessica Froelke

Founder, Hispanic Solutions Group / CEEN.

Juan was a tremendous resource in getting our Luro Boots website up (client’s project) and running from scratch.

He was thorough and precise in moving through the different phases of the project in executing our vision. The frequent updates and reminders were timely and kept us on track.

Mike Ricart

SB Startup Solutions, Business Consultant

Juan is very sharp! He took on my web development project and hit homeruns the entire time. He is creative and his ability to articulate my cleaning story was a seamless process.

He was able to listen to my concerns and needs, then turning them into solutions. I highly recommend JLLB Media and their ability to help with your marketing needs.

J.P. Becker

Founder, Becker Brand Nine

“Thank you so much for this amazing project. You’ve helped me to understand my business better and the course of actions to take. JLLB Media was very thorough in asking me my opinions and vision I saw for my brand and he use my vision and cleaned and polish it to be clearer to get the right target. I plan to start implementing these suggestions and start continuing on this road to bringing Cynychi Hair Care to the level of success it deserves.”

Emmatine Ukwuoma

Founder, Cynychi Hair Care

“I had a fantastic experience working with the JLLB Media Marketing Agency. The team’s communication, responsiveness, and project management were top-notch. They made sure I understood the entire process, and their efforts exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend their marketing services to others. Thank you for a job well done!”

Sherrilynn Graham

Founder, A Touch Of Love

“We are very satisfied with the work of JLLB Media. We decided to work with them due to their personal touch. They were extremely helpful in the planning and delivery of our marketing campaign and were very responsive to our comments and questions. Without their assistance, we would not have been able to make the steps forward that we needed. We are already reaping the benefits of the campaign.

Actually, their marketing services went beyond our expectations. They helped in giving us new direction and worked to develop our social media presence. They continually came up with helpful suggestions that we would not have thought of.

There are no areas that I can point to where they fell short of expectations. I was very impressed that they made sure that we were able to continue with our marketing efforts beyond the term of our contract. They cared about our continuing success.

Thank you, JLLB Media!”

Eric Johnsrud

Chair, North Star Rotary Youth Exchange

“I am very satisfied with the marketing services provided by JLLB Media, and I am more than happy to share my experience. Working with their team has been a great journey. From the very beginning, I felt valued and supported throughout the entire process.

The communication, responsiveness, and project management were top-notch. I truly appreciated the collaborative approach we took. Juan and the team encouraged brainstorming sessions where my ideas were not only heard but also nurtured. I also had the opportunity to work on certain aspects independently, and their guidance and feedback helped me refine my strategies.

The marketing services delivered by JLLB Media exceeded my expectations. They not only helped me with the wording and ideas to enhance the awareness of my brand but also taught me valuable marketing basics that I can apply to my business. I feel much more confident now in my marketing strategy and have a clear direction of where to focus my efforts.

There were no aspects that fell short of my expectations. The entire experience has been extremely positive, and I’m grateful for the expertise and guidance I received.

I would highly recommend JLLB Media’s marketing services to others. Juan and the team have demonstrated their knowledge and dedication, and I believe they can bring significant value to any business seeking to grow and succeed.

Thank you, JLLB Media, for helping me take my brand to the next level!”

Nikki Massa

Founder, True north yoga

“I am very satisfied with the marketing services provided by JLLB Media.

The process of working with their marketing team was excellent, with clear communication, great responsiveness, and effective project management.

The team exceeded my expectations by taking the time to understand my needs and preferences, resulting in a well-structured plan.

I particularly loved the blog post ideas they presented, which were creative and relevant to my business. Every step of the way, they ensured that my expectations were met, and I was impressed by their attention to detail.

I would highly recommend JLLB Media’s marketing services to others. The team’s dedication, creativity, and professionalism truly shine through in their work. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them!”

Sarah Steffen

Founder, Dancing Fish Events

“Juan exudes enthusiasm and passion for supporting nonprofits and local communities that carries over into his work.

His efforts have allowed the Vamos! program to grow every year, impacting more students annually, despite the obstacles that the pandemic has posed.

We consider it a privilege to partner with Juan and appreciate the symbiotic relationship we have cultivated with him.”

District 112 Foundation

eastern carver county, minnesota

“JLLB Media Marketing helped us execute our promotional campaign for our relaunched Taco Tour on Lake Street – and in a very, very short timeframe!
Juan worked on every detail – from drafting content, to capturing videos, to crafting strategy to encourage people to attend and support our small business clients on Lake Street. He worked quickly, diligently, and creatively to build awareness about this community event. He was extremely enthusiastic about this event and our mission, and it’s evident in his work. He is also receptive to feedback and always looking to have a greater impact in his work.”

Latino Economic Development Center

Development & Communications

“Juan’s strategic planning helped -him successfully manage traditional and digital marketing across our three companies.

Some of his skills, which I believe would benefit your company, include marketing planning, website support & maintenance, social media management & monitoring, Graphic Design, paid advertising campaigns, event marketing and support.

Juan has worked on many projects and has successfully completed them all with his caliber, experience and knowledge. I highly recommend JLLB Media Marketing Agency for all your marketing needs.”

Jessa Theis

Co-Owner / Partner, Mackenthun's Fine Foods

“I am thrilled to share my positive experience working with JLLB Media utilizing their Business and Marketing Consulting Services. From the outset, their team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and attentiveness to my needs. With their extensive expertise in business and marketing, they provided tailored solutions that delivered tangible results.”

Karen Minaya

Founder & Owner, Karen's cleaning services

“Working with Juan has been amazing! He was able to pull out of me the heart of what my business is so that the best thing I got was understanding myself and my business more. He had great insight into marketing strategy and the structured plan that he came up with is so comprehensive and helpful. I didn’t know I could feel so prepared and excited to to talk about my business with a whole new energy!”

Tara Block

Founder, Dame Errant Clay Studio

“I worked with Juan, he is fabulous. He was very thorough and detailed. He walked me through all the steps for my marketing plan and even came up with an awesome logo for me. He was very patient and accommodating. I got way more than I expected. The response time is impeccable. This firm is just the best to work with. I highly recommend their services.

I had a marketing plan done and yes it not only meet my expectations it exceeded it. Juan was awesome. Juan did an amazing job with everything he did for me.

They deliver what they promise and even go above and beyond to satisfy the client. I love every minute working with Juan.”

Yolanda Friday

Founder, Friday Financial Services

“We found JLLB Media very easy to work with. Juan leans in to his work to make sure he understood the scope and depth of our organization. 

He knows how to reach varies audiences. We have enjoyed working with him and his team and feel that the improvements to our website and outreach is making a difference for our organization.”

Jackie Johnston


“Very satisfied with everything. It’s was a very pleasant experience for me.

I can’t thank JLLB Media enough for their outstanding work on my logo and marketing needs. They exceeded my expectations in every way. The creativity and professionalism they brought to the table were truly impressive.

My new logo perfectly captures my brand identity, and their marketing strategies will significantly boosted my business. Working with Juan from JLLB Media has been a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch design and marketing solutions.”

Antionette Steele

Founder, Lady Ace Transportation Service

“I am very satisfied with the marketing coaching I received from Juan. He is present, insightful and very comprehensive in his reports. I would highly recommend him to others.

The marketing services were exactly what I was looking for. It was a comprehensive assessment of the market and how to best position myself to reach potential customers and business partners. One area of improvement would coming up with the capability to record the video sessions so that I could review it later. Transcripts were provided, which are helpful but a video recording would be more ideal. 

Juan Is patient, engaging and comprehensive. He is a skilled teacher who will provide you a roadmap to improving the marketing for your business.”

Gerard Balan

Founder, Telemental Associates

“I am really happy with the marketing and web services Juan has provided. He has been invaluable to me launching my business. He has been very responsive throughout the process and a great support. I highly recommend JLLB Media services. Thanks Juan!”

Shannon Acuna

Founder, Wellnique

“I am completely satisfied with my experience working with JLLB Media. Juan was great to work with and my website looks amazing! He was responsive to communications and delivered the product as agreed in a timely fashion.

I am completely satisfied with my experience.

I had a fantastic experience working with Juan at JLLB Media. He was extremely professional and thorough in understanding what I was looking for in a website. He completed my project in a short amount of time and I have already started getting more leads!”

Matthew Djonne

Founder, Insights Bookkeeping

“Loved the responsiveness and the great ideas from JLLB!

Juan has been very helpful in thinking through marketing and messaging for my business.”

Corenia Smith

Founder, Wholesome Management

“Juan was always super communicative and gave great insight into my marketing needs. The final product was exactly what I had in mind for my company logo. The marketing plan was very extensive and I could tell that he put lots of thought into it.

I needed a company logo and guidance on marketing. The market plan and variations of logos were far exceeded.

Working with JLLB media really helped to take my business to the next level. Marketing was a huge need and Juan was able to make the process clear and simple. He was very responsive and always met deadlines that we set. I was also very impressed with the marketing plan that was created. It gave KPIs by social channel which took a lot of pressure off my business goals. I would recommend JLLB media to anyone that needed guidance on their business.”

Cory Johnson

Founder, Grand Omen Wellness

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