What can I do to retain young people?


What can I do to retain young people?

I was recently at a meeting where the main discussion topic was: how to retain young workers in entry level positions to stay working in the same company for a while?

Obviously the challenge is precisely that one: recruitment, training, forming a young new employee will cost you money right?, but that’s not it; when the employee leaves too soon to other jobs for whatever reasons, you as a entrepreneur, business owner or manager follow into the same problem.

And you guessed right we are not discussing of others costs associated with high turnover of employees such as CONSISTENCY of service or products that are being delivered to your clients; we can not forget many returning customers return to do business with you for one particular reason: they want to see those familiar faces and want to be around people they know, people they like…

Back to my meeting I heard everyone talking of many things like raising wages, delegating more, etc.

A couple of things crossed my mind:

1. Managers should learn to know when to let go.

If you don’t think anyone else can do it as well as you do, you are poised to be a slave of your business forever. I mean, we have to train, mentor and let co-workers and employees shine. Because the more they do, the more invested they are in your business = more profits.

Creative spaces

2. Millennials want to collaborate.

Millennials need an space to feel they belong and where they can develop other skills with their peers -skills that matter to them- in another words we as managers or business owners should be nurturing a environment where creativity can take place naturally. Believe me, just posting a sign saying “idea room” and giving a bunch of candy it’s not going to make your team organically creative or let people come up with exciting and innovative ideas – which equals = more profits.

One more thing,  no matter which type of job it needs to be performed as this applies to any industry and in any circumstance: show the big picture. That’s how you get people engaged, more productive and more creative.

I must insist and say: how can you expect to get better and different results if you keep doing things the same way you always have?
Don’t forget change must come from the top to the bottom…just like a fish stinks from the head first.

Do you have the same problem but a different perspective? Share your ideas or thought, let’s bring this discussion to next level.



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