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Business & Social Entrepreneurship

Are you looking to inspire a crowd to want to solve problems and make the world better? Are you looking to get people curious about the intersection of profit and purpose? This presentation is designed to get an audience to start now!

Who: Non profit, for profit & entrepreneurs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Are you interested to educate and inspire your attendants on developing an understanding and empathy towards equity?

I can present a compelling message designed to inspire people to look at equity as an opportunity to create prosperity and value each individual as a unique being.

Who: Non profit, for profit & schools.

Marketing & Sales

Letting the world know about your organization or business is key to stand a chance to succeed.

Workshops on how-to build a marketing strategy, how-to improve your branding, websites, social media strategies, conversion rates, and developing legions of followers.  

Who: business, entrepreneurs, students, for profit & non-profits.

Employee Engagement

Your organization has worked so hard in every aspect of the business. Yet, when your employees are not engaged with your company’s culture everything else suffers.

Reignite the fire that propels employee engagement to retain personnel, attract new talent and deliver an awesome customer experience.

Who: Non profit, for profit & entrepreneurs.

Customer Experience

Recent surveys show that only one bad customer experience for your clients can cause them to leave your business.

Brand loyalty has been redefined.

Get your whole team re-engaged with your company’s vision to deliver a great customer experience once and again.

Who: Non profit, for profit & entrepreneurs.

Failure & Success

Failure is usually seen as something negative people avoid. 

Inspire individuals to go after their passions and dreams.

We’ll get “confortable” with failing, learning, pivoting, and trying again, until we reach success!

Who: Non profit, for profit & entrepreneurs.

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